Thorough training in transportation insurance

Interested in the world of transportation insurance? Want to understand how this market really works, from legislation, case law and expert experience? This course is your gateway to in-depth knowledge and insights.

From delineating the scope of cargo insurance to unraveling insurance clauses and different warranty types. Learn the art of risk assessment and develop a keen understanding of commodity diversity, loss prevention and damage. Find out how CMR insurance, inland marine and marine hull and charterer’s liability insurance complete your understanding of the transportation insurance market. Are you ready to expand your expertise and take the next step in your career?

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Module 1: Doctrine

Module 2: Introduction to storage and transportation of goods.

Module 3: Antwerp Goods Insurance Policy.

Module 4: Seafaring

Module 5: Inland Navigation

Module 6: Charterer’ s Liability

Module 7: Special damages and settlement in marine insurance.

Module 8: Avery Grosse

Module 9: Narrative

Module 10: Carrier liability. to the goods transported CMR

Other modules

The remaining modules cover different topics such as commodity insurance, economic sanctions, international programs, legal & compliance, and are given on different dates

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